• No 2 Separation - It's not independence at all!!!! part 3

    Wee Eck Salmond all round warm and cuddly gent with a social conscience that would put Tommy Sheridan to shame? Nah, I think not, not at all. This is a man who is of the same mould as Fred the shred, remember him? This is a man who shouts that Scots are persistently denied a voice in govt at Westminster. Strange then that this defender of democratic rights for Scots has disenfranchised every Scots man and woman currently serving in our Armed Forces who is posted outside of Scotland. Not content with that he also disenfranchised every Scot living & working in other parts of the UK, at the same time anybody who stepped off of a train, plane, boat or coach in Scotland 3 months ago has the right to vote!!!! I wonder why? Groups like Poles for Independence could answer that one in a heartbeat.

    Wee Eck cares so much about democracy that he has stated openly a few months ago that if the result of the referendum is a NO victory, he will demand a referendum on independence ( I hate that word because its not what hes offering), he will demand a neverendum on the subject every TEN yes thats 10 years because EVERY GENERATION DESERVES A VOTE! Its a pity Andrew Marr failed to push him to clarify his 'once in a generation' comment this morning when asked if he would accept the result of the referendum as being final.

    Wee Eck is in the business of politics, like every other career politician his real interest is whats in it for Wee Eck and his cronies but mostly whats in it for Wee Eck. I was lucky to attend an event the other evening where 4 MEP's, The former Polish Ambassador to the European Union, and 2 Councillors all spoke about Independence and what it would mean for Scotland, the UK and the EU. The points raised included things that I hadn't even considered and i'm pretty astute when it comes to politics, one such point was that Salmond is making promises that he can't possibly make. e.g. a nuclear free Scotland! It sounds wonderful doesn't it? However Wee Eck can't promise to do this for two important reasons, the first being that he has always maintained that a separate Scotland would seek to join NATO. Any member of NATO must grant the Navy of the other members access to its ports, the United States of America has many naval vessels that carry Nuclear weapons and being a major part of NATO, you can take it as read that the USA wouldn't allow Scotland an opt out of that vital part of membership. Why should they defend a nation that refuses its ships a haven? Secondly and its something so simple i didnt even think about it, the Scottish Elections are in May 2016, there is absolutely NO guarantee that the SNP would be re-elected at that point, ergo they cannot possibly guarantee a removal of the nuclear deterrent on the clyde.

  • No 2 Separation - It's not independence at all!!!! part 2

    The myth that the SNP like to send out to all and sundry is that Scotland & the Scots are a nation oppressed and bullied by its larger neighbour England. This couldn't be further from the truth, but the truth and the SNP have never been bedfellows.
    The history of this political party is as old as the Union itself, it has taken many guises such as the United Scotsmen ( which was born out of the united irishmen, no guessing what the object of hatred of these two groups was!), another title was the SHRA ( Scottish Home Rule Association), in its current form as the SNP it has attempted to distance itself from its comrades in the Seed of the Gael ( a splinter group of the SNP that wants Land and property seized if it is owned by what it labels white settlers, English people. A Zimbabwe style land grab!). Yet Mr Salmond himself has been photographed with the head of this splinter group during this campaign.
    Mr Salmonds sympathies for Sinn Fein in decades past is documented and was the cause of his 'leaving' the SNP at one time.

  • Time to revive this blog

    I haven't really blogged for years, not since my father died suddenly in June 2007, I don't know why but the will to communicate via this medium just left me, But......... now its back.

  • No 2 Separation - It's not independence at all!!!! part 1

    I'm writing this as someone who always gives her nationality as British first, so yes you can expect bias, it probably stems from my childhood, as a pads BRAT ( BRAT was a status assigned to children of Service personnel abroad). I grew up in several countries but mostly Germany, a nation I have a great affection for. So having declared my bias here's my take on the Referendum campaign that threatens to tear up the UK which i love dearly.

    So .....Firstly what in hells name was effing Cameron thinking?????????????? He agreed to a referendum on what the SNP call Independence ( its nothing of the sort but i will come to that later), WHY DAVE? Where were his brains that day? The SNP govt at Holyrood were elected by 22% of the Scottish Electorate, 22% ... surely Dave knew this? 22% a minority and yet Call Me Dave kow towed to Eck et al and granted them an election on what they are calling independence. So having agreed to a referendum, Mr Hug a Hoody then set about agreeing to a series of disasters.

    Firstly he gave away the positive stance on the ballot. Instead of asking Should Scotland remain in the UK? to which the positive answer would've been Yes, the Unionists would have the YES leaving the xenophobic SNP with the negative NO. Simple isn't it? So why did Dave give away the positivity? it is almost as if he wants Scotland to leave the Union.

    Next he omitted to place any conditions regarding the extent of the electorate voting in order to break up the union e.g. 60% voter turn out. He also failed to set any minimum requirement for victory as in a min of 5% or 10% victory ... e.g. Yes 48% No 43%. No Dave agreed to a referendum whereby if only one person bothered to vote that vote would decide the future of the UK!!!! I believe he needs to be held to account for this. It is really as if Dave is giving the Union away. It makes me wonder if this is his way of securing a series of victories for the Conservative party in the future, as Labour would lose its Scottish MPs.

  • Labour Minister set to challenge election results in Court.

    The Scottish election was nail biting to say the least - each result ended in a neck and neck race between labour and the SNP for first place and the battle between the conservatives and the lib dems for 3rd place was just as fascinating. The end result was that the SNP won by 1 seat and this was reflected by the Conservatives beating the Lib Dems for 3rd place by just a single seat too.

    I watched the results trickle in with great fascination. I live in the Cunninghame North constituency where Alan Wilson Labour Minister for Enterprise lost his seat by 48 votes, I had been speaking to people locally and was actually surprised that the result was so close as the majority I had spoken to had said they were voting SNP this time - I had therefore expected the gap between SNP and Labour to be much bigger than the 48 votes, but then we have the spoiled ballots to take into account so there is perhaps a chance that the gap was bigger.
    The SNP made gains in North Ayrshire council too as did independents leaving no one party in over all control - some have welcomed this as a victory in what they have referred to as the 'smashing of the labour nepotism ring' in Irvine ( seat of the council), if such a ring existed or not can be debated however public perception is that such a ring did exist.

    The Big story though is that of Alan Wilson losing his seat to Kenneth Gibson of the SNP - Labour have now suggested that Mr Wilson will challenge this result in the courts - I think if he does and it forces a bi-election here - Mr Wilson may well be in for a shock, such a case may well be interpreted locally as sour grapes at losing his job - this ofcourse means that Mr Wilsons staff in the Kilbirnie office will also be losing their jobs - If I am correct that means that at least one of Mr Wilsons relatives. If Mr Wilson takes this case to court I am wondering what he can expect to achieve - another election across Scotland? This was not the only constituency that had a large number of spoiled ballots - they all did. Some very unexpected results were obtained such as Tommy Sheridan losing his seat - could it be the case that all of Tommys votes needed for a seat were in that number of spoiled ballots and lost postal votes? Mr Wilson could well be setting up a domino effect across Scotland with this challenge - its not over yet for anyone by a long shot. What is apparent is that the SNP have won the popular vote right across the country in both parliament and the councils and we can summise that in those spoiled papers there will be a very simillar reflection of the ballots which were actually counted - if this is the case Mr Wilson will achieve nothing but a waste of tax payers money - can he not just bow out gracefully like Tommy Sheridan and say 'theres always next time'.


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