Today the Ministry for Defence issued evidence of the position of the British Sailors and Marines. Evidence of their co-ordinates from GPS and photographic evidence of a GPS in the hand of an Airman in a Helicopter above the Merchant vessel which had been intercepted.
What does this mean for the situation, my understanding is that this means that IRAN made an incursion into IRAQI waters to deliberately kidnap British Service Personnel. The British Service Personnel were engaged in legal business under a UN Mandate and with the approval of the IRAQI government in IRAQI waters. IRAN has changed its co-ordinates, originally it gave one set, which were in IRAQI waters, when this was pointed out they gave another set of co-ordinates. So was this a deliberate act of aggression by IRAN against the United Nations?
Many people question if our sailors and marines were in Iraqi waters, why didnt HMS Cornwall defend them?I believe the reason for the lack of action by HMS Cornwall was that the region is volatile and any hasty response to the act of aggression may have triggered a war, ergo the softly softly approach was engaged. Certain people are also questioning why the Marines didnt engage the IRANIAN vessel - simple they had hand guns the Iranian vessel was a heavily armed warship. No chance of winning against rocket propelled grenades with hand guns!

So now Iran are saying that they will release the British Female Sailor - and have put her on tv apparently 'confessing' to being in IRAQI waters - she also said that she has been treated well as have her fellow captives, the picture evidence of them all eating a meal seems to substantiate that they are well but I couldnt count 15 in the footage, where and how are the others?. There is also information that Iran intends to put the rest of the captives on TV apparently to make simillar 'Confessions'. Isnt it against some convention or other to do this to military personnel?
I am now wondering what will happen next, Bilateral relationships have been suspended with IRAN and apparently the diplomatic machine is still in action.
I wonder how much longer this manufactured crisis will continue and how much further it will escalate. We have naval manouvres in the region taking place - a thinly veiled show of strength by allied nations, perhaps a warning of what may come if Iran continues to defy the international community on certain matters. I am wondering why the UN is strangely quiet over this one, given that the Sailors were engaged in UN business - surely as I said earlier this should be construed as an act of aggression against the UN. What do you think?