The Scottish election was nail biting to say the least - each result ended in a neck and neck race between labour and the SNP for first place and the battle between the conservatives and the lib dems for 3rd place was just as fascinating. The end result was that the SNP won by 1 seat and this was reflected by the Conservatives beating the Lib Dems for 3rd place by just a single seat too.

I watched the results trickle in with great fascination. I live in the Cunninghame North constituency where Alan Wilson Labour Minister for Enterprise lost his seat by 48 votes, I had been speaking to people locally and was actually surprised that the result was so close as the majority I had spoken to had said they were voting SNP this time - I had therefore expected the gap between SNP and Labour to be much bigger than the 48 votes, but then we have the spoiled ballots to take into account so there is perhaps a chance that the gap was bigger.
The SNP made gains in North Ayrshire council too as did independents leaving no one party in over all control - some have welcomed this as a victory in what they have referred to as the 'smashing of the labour nepotism ring' in Irvine ( seat of the council), if such a ring existed or not can be debated however public perception is that such a ring did exist.

The Big story though is that of Alan Wilson losing his seat to Kenneth Gibson of the SNP - Labour have now suggested that Mr Wilson will challenge this result in the courts - I think if he does and it forces a bi-election here - Mr Wilson may well be in for a shock, such a case may well be interpreted locally as sour grapes at losing his job - this ofcourse means that Mr Wilsons staff in the Kilbirnie office will also be losing their jobs - If I am correct that means that at least one of Mr Wilsons relatives. If Mr Wilson takes this case to court I am wondering what he can expect to achieve - another election across Scotland? This was not the only constituency that had a large number of spoiled ballots - they all did. Some very unexpected results were obtained such as Tommy Sheridan losing his seat - could it be the case that all of Tommys votes needed for a seat were in that number of spoiled ballots and lost postal votes? Mr Wilson could well be setting up a domino effect across Scotland with this challenge - its not over yet for anyone by a long shot. What is apparent is that the SNP have won the popular vote right across the country in both parliament and the councils and we can summise that in those spoiled papers there will be a very simillar reflection of the ballots which were actually counted - if this is the case Mr Wilson will achieve nothing but a waste of tax payers money - can he not just bow out gracefully like Tommy Sheridan and say 'theres always next time'.